What is the KOIK Token?



This in-app reward and utility token is under development, but we invite already #hodlers to make pre-ICO purchases and support our journey. Buy KOIK tokens now here!


Koik app user, do you want to earn KOIK tokens with your food choices on the platform? Remember to use the boosters to maximize your earned bonus: Buy Boosters


What is the KOIK token?

KOIK token is a utility token - digital asset intended for use on a platform or network in exchange for a specific product or service from the issuer or other users. It is using BEP20 standard. What is BEP20?


KOIK token is for healthier food choices
People often find it hard to choose the healthy food options when buying food with online food apps. Those consumers, who know what is healthy food, does not really need tokenized incentives. But everyone needs to eat, right? So why not earn while you eat?

KOIK token is a reward that is higher in token value if the food choice is healthier. Incentives are in 3 levels:

  • 100 KOIK tokens
  • 300 KOIK tokens
  • 500 KOIK tokens

So if you buy a pizza with our app, you receive only 100 K's. Something like a Poke Bowl, will reward you with 500 K's.

When the token has a market value, our partners will start quoting their items with KOIK tokens. 


Pre-ICO collectable reward tokens are just 39.000.000

KOIK token can be earned when using the app for buying or selling items listed by our partners. The first 39M Ks are pre-ICO tokens and can run out. More tokens will be released after ICO.

Pre-ICO collectable reward tokens follow the price changes of SHIBA INU. You can see the daily price change also on the app screen.  

Pre-ICO value of 1 KOIK token is the same as 1 SHIBA INU. This means, our users can request for withdrawing the KOIK tokens in SHIBA INU before the ICO. Gas fee will be charged from the receiver.


KOIK token ICO

ICO will take place before 31st Dec 2022. To help the value of the coin to go higher after the ICO, Koik App Ltd will use quarterly 10% of the revenues to buy and burn (50%) or release back to the app user reward system (50%).

This will help the partner's items be more attractive.

Max number of KOIK tokens in circulation is Token is using BEP-20 standard.


Use the app and you donate 10 KOIK tokens per purchase

When you use the app, you will also make a donation automatically to the local food organizations. We select carefully the local food organizations those help the community's poorest people in need.

The Koik App Ltd. is holding 100.000.000 KOIK tokens those will be donated to the food organizations according to the yearly usage level of the app.

Example of the donation: it is year 2023 and our users have collected 1M KOIK tokens to be donated with their activity. When one order in the app accumulates the donation sum with 10 KOIK tokens, It means there has been 100.000 items sold in 2023 in the app.

Hopefully market price of the coin will be high and we can help the local communities much better.


Read the KOIK token White Paper here (coming soon).