Events location is maybe the most exciting experience you can have while enjoying the delicious menu that the chef is offering. All the experiences include

  • eating together with other talkative foodies
  • theme evening to learn something new
  • safe environment

The location can be a rented space or the home of the chef. Menu is fixed and you can see the menu in the app before the payment.

Eat at ChefsChef preparing the dinner

If you choose to go an event at the home chef, then you know that our chefs have their background checked and educated with the food hygiene matters. Education also includes know-how of client service and how the dinner theme can be selected.

You can see the list of available experiences sorted by

  • date
  • location

Every experience is paid before and if cancelled by the client, then

  • payment is fully refunded to the credit card. Cancelled over 24h before the starting time of the experience
  • 50% of the payment is refunded to the credit card. Cancelled under 24h before the starting time of the experience
  • payment gives you the right to one or more seats on pre-agreed time and fixed menu


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