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Koik logo What "koik" means? Well, the name "koik" was decided after many ideas and suggestions. Eventually we wanted to find a four-letter word that is comprehensive. Estonian language helped us with word "kõik" which means "all/everything". Because of letter õ is not easy to use in domain names, we ended up with word "koik". That's all - literally!

Koik App is a comprehensive food app for consumers to find the local chefs, who want to earn extra with their cooking skills.

The main difference between the other food delivery apps and Koik App is that all the chefs show how proudly they stand behind the art they create. User will find all creative chefs with their profile pictures, story behind their passion and ratings from the users with 5-stars scale. 

Comprehensive approach in this industry means that app users can open and explore the profiles, food items and services when they

  1. want to find something new to eat (takeaway)
  2. are looking for a themed dining with an experience
  3. need help in kitchen when organizing birthdays or similar


Jarkko Härkönen Koik App
Head isu! Bon appetite!
Co-Founder, Jarkko Härkönen



Koik App Oü is a food technology company registered in Tallinn, Estonia (16209771).

Contact us with whatsapp: +372 5855 4446 / email: info@koik.app



Koik App