Book a Talent


Find when chefs and musicians/entertainers are available to come to your location (home dinner or rented space party). The chefs will tell their availability with working hours and price is per hour.

In the app you can see the availability of the bookable chefs sorted for you per

  • Date
  • Starting and Ending Time
  • Talent Description
  • Star Rating
  • Price per hour and number of quests

Description is always very precise, but if anything needs to be agreed before making the booking, our customers can also call to the chef/talent directly.


Book a ChefChef booked and food is soon cooked!


Every booking is paid before and if cancelled by the client, then

  • payment is fully refunded to the credit card. (Must be cancelled over 24h before the starting time of the booking.)
  • 50% of the payment is refunded to the credit card. (If cancelled under 24h before the starting time of the booking.)


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