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"When you invest, you're buying a day you don't have to work" -Investor Motivation

We offer to all our followers a possibility to buy KOIK tokens before the ICO (ICO?). The price of one KOIK token before the official market launch is fixed. Market launch is going to happen before the end of the year 2022.

The number of KOIK tokens available for the app users to collect by using the app before the end of the ICO is 39.000.000 Ks. 

The "hodlers" can purchase the KOIK tokens before the ICO here. For "hodlers" we have a reserve of 100.000.000 Ks. Reserved token price price will go up accordingly:

  • 4.000 Ks is  with price 1 KOIK = 0,01 EUR
  • 100.000 Ks is  with price 1 KOIK = 0,02 EUR
  • 200.000 Ks is  with price 1 KOIK = 0,03 EUR
  • 1.000.000 Ks is  with price 1 KOIK = 0,04 EUR
  • 1.800.000 Ks is  with price 1 KOIK = 0,05 EUR
  • 1.900.000 Ks is  with price 1 KOIK = 0,06 EUR
  • 94.996.000 Ks is  with price 1 KOIK = 0,07 EUR

Total of 100.000.000 Ks.


If you would like to buy more than 1000Ks in our webshop, just increase the quantity in your cart page. 

See the image below: remember to copy/paste your wallet address in the "Address" line. Do not need to add your post address, but add your post index and home city.



After the ICO of KOIK token, the market price will be officially released only according to the bid/ask prices in the public market.

KOIK tokens have a maximum number in circulation ( Burning program will effect the future circulation amount.



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Koik App Oü is a food technology company registered in Tallinn, Estonia (16209771).

Contact us with whatsapp: +372 5855 4446 / email:

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