Starting your own food business with Koik App is easy

Do you feel your most creative in the kitchen, combining different flavors or even coming up with your own recipes? You don’t need to work for a restaurant to become a chef. If you are passionate about cooking but want to work on your terms, becoming a home chef and starting your own food business is easy. 

Benefits of earning from home

If your dinner parties are usually the hottest restaurant in town among your friends, becoming a home chef might be the natural next step for you. Setting up your own food business at home provides many benefits. First of all, you can be your own boss and earn from home. If you already are a true cooking enthusiast you probably have all the necessary appliances, so setting up your kitchen for business is easy. Having your own business provides you with total flexibility. You can choose your menu and the days you are working. Also, previous restaurant experience is a plus, but not mandatory. It’s the passion and delicious dishes that matter!

Find you niche

When starting out, you don’t have to offer a full menu ranging from appetizers to desserts. Find your niche and offer only what you do best. It’s easiest to start with your existing signature dish. Are you the master of decadently decorated birthday cakes, do you know how to cook ethnic food, or maybe homemade bread is your strong side? It can also be that you don’t offer ready-made food but food kits including the necessary ingredients and the recipe. Whatever niche you choose, you can always start small and grow with time.

What do I need to start?

Starting your food business at home is easy. You need to take a few steps to prove your kitchen and conditions are up to standard, but Agriculture and Food board have a very clear list of necessary criteria. The most important of them is that you have the knowledge of food hygiene and your kitchen is clean. From your family doctor, you need to get a health certificate. Then put together a self-control-plan and provide the Veterinary and Food Laboratory with a water sample. After all this documentation is approved, start creating your dream menu and cook away!

Koik App’s team is here to help you with the registration. Remember, you can start already when the registration is in process, so what are you waiting for?