Why order food from a home chef?

When traveling around the world, always the hidden, not so touristy restaurants provide the best, most authentic food. During the current lockdown, parallels with travel might seem a little farfetched, but what if there would be a way for you to experience the cuisine of different countries and it all would be delivered to your home in an hour?

Authentic food

Our little Tallinn is actually packed with different cultures – Bangladeshi, Indian, Italian, French, Moroccan, Central Asian, Indonesian, African, Turkish, Caribbean, Portuguese – you name it. Koik App provides a new, culinarily exciting way to discover the people in your neighborhood and taste the authentic cuisines of the world without leaving your home. Experience home-made dishes that are packed with local flavor from all over the world. 

Passionate chefs

There are many skillful home chefs who make delicious and authentic food from their native countries. Koik App’s registered chefs offer dishes that they have mastered and enjoy the most. Some may be trained chefs, others are just food enthusiasts, but they all are passionate about cooking and know the secrets of their native cuisine. In times of social distancing, knowing who is making it for you adds a much-needed personal touch. Maybe you discover that your upstairs neighbor masters the art of home-made pizza? Or next time you crave spicy Indian food you can order it from someone just a few blocks away?

Fast delivery

Most foods are best served right out of the over. Freshly baked bread, searing hot soup… Short delivery time is crucial for the best experience. Homhef lists the best home chefs near you to offer fast delivery in one hour. You can use a delivery service or go say hi to your chef and pick up the food yourself. 

Take a culinary trip around the world without leaving your home. You can have authentic home-made dishes delivered right to your doorstep within an hour. Discovering new people in your neighborhood is a bonus!