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Delivery in 1 hour


Artists for dinner

Restaurants with their own brands

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What is Koik App?

Passion to cook

You will support the passionate chefs who stand proudly behind the great taste of their restaurant.

The chefs can run their home restaurant and they are online irregularly.

Chefs/Owners of restaurants with possibility to eat inside are of course open regularly.

Authentic Cuisines

"I love Indonesian cuisine, but there is no restaurants making it in Tallinn. Now there is a home chef from Jawa Island selling food in this app! Thank you!"

Anita J.

Rich Flavours

"I wish this chef was online more often."

Julian K.

Hand-selected hosts

"We travelled together with my husband to Tallinn. It was really exciting to book a seat and go eat together with strangers in some local home!"

Pirjo L.

My kitchen met a Pro!

"I had to organize a birthday party for my husband in a hurry. Luckily I found this super chef in the app and he let me concentrate on the guests!"

Kathy W.

Food safety

At Koik App Oü, we are committed to ensuring that your food will always be safe to eat. All chefs have received extensive food safety training and are required to wear masks, gloves and hair clips when preparing your food.

In regions where homecooking laws are not yet implemented, chefs are required to cook in commercial kitchens or other legally permitted establishments.