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Preorder and booking

Preorder and pickup without queuing and waiting. Restaurants like the orders coming form Koik App! Why? We have the lowest commissions!

Book a Table is a very special category we have for our hungry users. Ask your self; Why would you just call and book a table if you can book a table with one button in Kooik App and get an AMAZING OFFER at te same time! Example or an offer: with table booking you get a house wine with 50% discount. Now it is smarter to book a table with Koik App!

Book a Talent will show you the talents around you (30km radius). You will see the list of talents in chronological order. Who can be a talent? Anyone who can help you to make the private party/event great! Like chefs, waiters, magicians, singers, djs.. we got it!

Delicious Cuisines

"These restaurants in Koik App are really interesting!"

Anita J.

Rich Flavours

"I wish this chef was online more often."

Julian K.

My kitchen met a Pro!

"I had to organize a birthday party for my husband in a hurry. Luckily I found this super chef in the app and he let me concentrate on the guests!"

Kathy W.